6 Interesting Facts about Nathan Loyd Ndungu

Nathan Loyd Ndungu is the Director and CEO of Avoveg Health Ltd. The businessman fell into the limelight after establishing Avoveg, a company that exports fresh export produce to European countries. Avocado is the company’s flagship product, and has seen the Avoveg Health Ltd elevate to international standards. However, little is known about the veteran businessman history and personal life.

Here are some quick facts about Nathan Loyd Ndungu.

6 interesting facts about Nathan Loyd Ndungu

  1. Nathan Loyd Ndungu learnt the ropes of fresh export business from his father- Nathan Loyd Ndungu considers himself as his father’s protégé. His father was an influential businessman in the avocado export business and took little Nathan into his wings. Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu has since scaled up what his father taught him, and built a million-dollar fresh export empire. His father must be proud of him.

2. Nathan Loyd Ndungu believes that philanthropy is a virtue. He owns the foundation under the name “Nathan Loyd Ndungu Foundation”. Nathan has a great passion for giving back to the society by empowering the less fortunate. His main agenda is to give hope to young people struggling to establish their businesses.

3. Nathan Loyd Ndungu is an advocate for keeping a healthy body. One of the reasons, his flagship product is avocados, is due its nutritious nature, towards the human body. He loves exercising and also maintains a healthy and fit body. He encourages people to take healthy foods to avoid lifestyle diseases.

4. Nathan Loyd Ndungu is passionate about leadership- As a businessman running Avoveg, he insists that “in your employees eyes, your leadership is everything. Your activities affect the organization’s objectives and their well-being.” He continues to state that” studies have shown that trust and confidence in top leadership is the single most reliable predictor of employee satisfaction in a organization.”

5. Nathan Loyd Ndungu runs Avoveg in collaboration with family. One of his family’s member who plays the most active role in the business is Jennifer Loyd,his wife, who holds the Operations Manager position at Avoveg Health Limited.

6. Nathan Loyd Ndungu alongside his wife, Jennifer were wrongfully accused of defrauding Ezetel Kenya Ltd, of Kshs. 18,500,000 on the 17th July,2020. The charges were dropped on the 15th of February 2021 by The Milimani Law Courts under section 87(A) CPC therefore discharging the couple. All this was after Mr. Nathan Loyd Ndungu wrote to the DPP, requesting for a review of the case, leading to the DPP writing a letter dated 8th February, 2021, ordering the case to be withdrawn.

Having received negative press since July 2020, the adamant businessman is willing clear his name in the public domain. However, his main focus is to continue running his business, so as to continue feeding the families employees, currently under Avoveg Health Ltd.  Visit Avoveg website at https://avoveg.com.

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